Blog 8.5

1.Why might I quote someone directly rather than summarize them?

2. What is the difference between using quotations and using italics in citations?

3. What is the fisrt thing you need to know about a source?

4. Where might you go to get help with how to cite something?

5. What are three things that each annotation should include?

6. What is something you remember that’s not on this quiz?


1. Caleb Jones explains that people who do not go into nature are “cowardly” Although the word cowardly is too strong here, I do think we all could use more nature.

2. In the work cited entires OR i  the text itself, small stuff =” quotations”, large=italics

3. The first thing you need to know about a source is the first AND last names of the authors. The first time you intro an author, you’re going to use their full name. After that, use their last name.

Where might you get help to cite something?

Purdue OWL



Easy Bib/ Citation Machine/

What three thing are a part of an annotation?

Author, Title, Date, sometimes Journals/ numbers

Citation, Summary, Evaluation

Given a topic in January- the apocalyptic event

Narrow this topic- health care in the apocalypse


In hight school you have your thesis first, and then you look up sources that support that.


Extreme tourism- my topic

I do research and read different types of sources and THEN-                                      Hypothesis:

Using exteame tourism to become famous online is an insukt to the people who have survived the disaster.


In this project a set of instagram photos i found online illustrated my main point: that extreme toursim, especially done right after the event, is  disrespectful to the survivors.

10 sources: 5 should be from scholary journals and 5 can be online

Use pop culture text.

Topic: grieving after a disaster/ setting up services

On my first few pages I want to share examples of grieved alongside their characters was on the film Avengers: Infinity War. This film features a group of heros in their attempt to stop the unrelenting Thanos from wiping out half of the galaxy’s population. In the conculsion to this film , most viwers were heartbroken when they saw Iron Man holding Spiderman, who disappered in to ash. Likewise, Capt America sank to his knees to see his best friend vanish before his eyes. These moments might be similar to ones we have experience after disasters.

Chernobyl Diaries. Directed by Brad Parker, performances by             and           , 2012

This film shows what happens to a group of young adults who travel to Chernobyl. The horror comes when they are stranded on the site.


Blog 8

“When disasters occur, nursing student and nurses can play a significant roole in caring for people affected by the disasters. Thus, disater preparedness is key for nursing students.”

Frisch, Noreen(PhD, RN, FAAN), Jennings-Sanders, Andrea (DrPH & RN), Wing,                     Sharon(MSN&RN) “Disaster Management & Response”  Vol. 3, Issue 3,                       July-September 2005, pp. 80-85

This article is about teaching disaster protocall to nurses and nursing students. It included studies taken from different nursing schools around the country about what classes they offer as far as a preparedness classes. They even included little practice question on what should be inclued on the tests.

“Since Sept. 2001, however, the United States has under taken a comprehensive reevaluation of its preparedness and the resources neccssary to amass a response to critical events, particularly those posed by various forms of terrorism.”

Stanley, Joan( PhD, RN, CRNP, FAAN)  Nursing Clinics of North America “Disaster                          Competency Development and Intergration in Nursing                                                  Education” Vol. 40, Issue 3, September 2005, pp 453-467.

Here they talk about the inportance of having an emergancy preparedness class for nursing student after 9/11. I think that after such disaster not just nurses but all people should be allowed to take such classes so we can all be prepared and not waiting for help.


Blog 7.5

Blog 7.5 (based on Blog 7- Joanna Wolfe article)
Make a citation for this piece.
Author’s name
Wolfe, Joanna. “Rhetorical Numbers: A Case for Quantitative Writing in the Composition Classroom.” Vol 61, no 3, CCC, Feb 2010, pp 434-457.
The author talks about how quantitative writing is just as important as classical rhetorical analysis and how it should be taught in schools. She proposes a new assignments and ways to train teachers for this purpose. Wolfe gives examples of where we see this in society and how important changing our teaching methods is. I found the source relatable due to the stories about the grocery store and the pregnant lady.
1-2 sentences of summary
1st sentence is the thesis
2nd sentence explains HOW the person achieves the thesis/what they do
Evaluate the sources for the relevance, purpose, and currency (CRAAP- take out the author and accuracy part because
(big sources use italics, smaller sources, like articles use ““)
Ex, Thank You, Next album
“Seven Rings” song
Jones, Caleb. Camping Out. Auburn Montgomery Press, 2019
I. The State of the World.
A. Numbers are everywhere
B. People assume number are always right or that they’re fake
II. The Problem to Be Fixed
A. Students are not taught about numbers and how persuasive they are.
B. Teachers aren’t prepared to teach them
III. The Solution: most important section
I. State of Things
A. Percentage of Tornados in Southern states
B. History of tornadoes in Montgomery
II. Problem to Be Solved

Your solution shouldn’t be too big: Plant an entire farm, build a hospital, quarantine sick people, solve the government problem by setting up new ways, clean the streets
Blog 8:
Find 2 sources for your project, put the MLA in for them, and summarize them.

Blog 7

Although the article was difficult to read I can say i understand some points. It talks about statistics and numbers being intertwined with writing showing different was it can be interpreted. This article is a little advanced for me but i get it.

C- This paper was written 2010 but has little value 10 years later even though writing syles have not changed much

R- as far as relevancy I cant determine that very well

A- the information i the article seems correct but again it was not my strong suit

A- Dr. Joanna is a great writer and hit some very good points

P-this paper was met for more advanced people that want to get deeper into writing than a Engl comp 2 class

Blog 6

Review from Feb:

Emial to best friend (18 years old)

Topic: deal with Chernobyl and extreme tourism, write them and tell them whether they should go to C

Email: most agreed it was dangerous,

You cited sources to back up what you were saying. You were trying to find people who agreed with you. This is the method of grade school/ High school.

Example from your major where you had to read from the databases on the AUM site: you were asked to DISAGREE with an expert.

<insert your example here>

We’ve had 2 examples- where we agreed (Chernobyl) and one where we disagreed( article about your major).

We’re starting to prctice whats called Binary Thinking (remember exercise in class). We cant believe that there are only 2 options. There’s more.

From your book-

“Refusing to spend time in nature is cowardly because it is significant part of our enviorment. We can ignore it”


Although I belive that the word “cowarly is a bit unfair, I do agree that Americans should spend time outdoors. (ambivalent thinking)

Research is a conversation among different perspectives. Rarely are those perpectives just binary.

Why did i quote Caleb Jones word for word? wht not summarize the source?

Blog 4

Dear Best Friend,

I hear that you want to go to Chernobyl this year and it sounds like a good idea but have you checked it out fully? From what I have seen and read it doesn’t look so good. There was a really bad accident there a few years ago that involved nuclear waste. What if they didn’t get it all up and there are bad conditions down there and if you choose to go regardless have you taken the correct precautions like shots and things like that. I would love for you to go and have a great time but I also want you to be safe.

Blog 3.5

Quotes limit the search to the exact phrase. Use the CRAAP test to evaluate them.

Scholarly sources (journals) – A scholarly source must be peer-reviewed.

  1. Experts give feedback
  2. They do this anonymously
  3. They decide if a scholar should be published
  4. Many journals are inaccessible. Most in a library

Peer Review

Why do we use sources?

  1. To answer question
  2. To validate something that we’re arguing. CRAAP test
  3. List full name of author and we cite the author

Example: Joe Johnson wrote an article for the NYT about Chernobyl.

According to Joe Johnson from the New York Times, Chernobyl still looks like a “wasteland”

You find out that your best friend is going to Chernobyl for spring break. They want to be an extreme tourist. Write an email telling them if they should go or not, using sources to validate your reasons.